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Sciatic Nerve Pain

Carolyn.png Beep, beep, beep... Drifting peacefully through my dreams, a loud buzzing affronted my ears. As I jolted to consciousness, my mind needed about 5 seconds to take inventory of the situation. It was Saturday morning, my day to sleep in but the alarm was rudely interrupting my precious sleep. Springing to action, I leapt from my bed to turn the alarm off and return as quickly as humanly possibly to my former slumber. As I leapt through the air, my right foot caught on a blanket and instead of flying gracefully to my feet, as I had pictured in my mind, I landed with my full weight on my left knee. Searing pain shot through my leg and into my lower back. It was one of those moments where you actually see a bright flash of light in your vision and you instantly have a new appreciation for the phrase, "seeing stars."  As I crawled back to bed, with my lower back throbbing and my left leg numb, I remember thinking, "I can't believe I just did that to myself."

I was young at the time, so my body seemed to cope surprisingly well with the stress of the injury. If I pulled a stunt like that now, I don't think I would make it out of bed for a few days. When I woke up much later that morning, I felt a little pain but I thought it was just a little soreness from the injury that would resolve itself in a few days. Being young and foolish, I put off my adjustment thinking my body would bounce right back.

I can't remember the first time I felt the pain run down my leg. It must have been shortly after the morning I fell out of bed. I was functioning, so I thought it would go away with time. Well, go away by itself it didn't. When I finally told Dr. Miller what I had done to myself and asked to get adjusted he was shocked that I had not told him sooner. The first few adjustments were uncomfortable, as the area must have still been inflamed. Dr. Miller helped calm the muscle spasms with electro-stimulation and ultrasound. For the first few weeks I couldn't stand for more than 15 minutes without experiencing extreme discomfort in my lower back. It would start by feeling like a knife was going into my low back, then my leg would start tingling and if I wasn't able to lay down, my whole leg would go numb. I remember constantly shifting my weight between feet to try to ease the discomfort. There were times when I would be in line at the store and I had to leave without purchasing anything because the pain was just too bad.

It took a series of adjustments to address the damage I had caused. As I received regular adjustments the pain slowly eased. My ultimate victory was only a few short months later when I realized I could go shopping for as long as I wanted and stand in line pain-free. I have family members who have not had chiropractic care that have suffered from similar problems with their sciatic nerve and I wish I could say they have faired as well as I have. Today, I am completely symptom free. I am grateful that I was under Dr. Miller's care because I am afraid to think what I might be living with today if I had not been.

Dr. Miller is truly a healer. He always seems to know how to pinpoint my problem areas without me having to say anything. I still undergo regular treatment as I believe, from first hand experience, that it helps me live in a greater state of wellness. Oh and believe me, next time Dr. Miller is getting a call on his cell phone.

Thanks Dr. G!

~Carolyn Fell


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