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Journey to Wellness with Lyme Disease

Derek F.

Illness or complaint:

Neck stiffness, inflammation, and back pain from Chronic Lyme Disease.

Results other medical treatments have provided:

Since the onset of my illness in November of 2006 I have sought relief from my symptoms through many doctors and alternative health practitioners. In the past eighteen months I have been prescribed many different medications for various symptoms and have experienced little relief. One of my primary complaints is constant stiffness in my neck that often is so bad that I cannot turn it from side to side. Along with the neck stiffness and back aches, I also have temporary neurological impairments.

Results with chiropractic:

I have been under Dr. Miller's care since the onset of my acute symptoms in November 2006. Since seeing Dr. Miller, many of my neurological and physical symptoms have improved. Not only is Chiropractic care one of the only ways to relieve the stiffness in my neck, Dr. Miller has also proven to be an invaluable resource advising me on many different aspects of chronic illness. Being the son of a mother who was employed by chiropractors most of her life, I can honestly say that Dr. Miller is the most thorough and comprehensive chiropractor I have ever been to. When I come into the office (which is usually twice a week) he always seems to know exactly where my pain is most significant and how to relieve it. In addition to relieving my neck stiffness and back aches, chiropractic adjustments also allow the human brain to communicate with the rest of the body more efficiently thereby increasing my own natural immune function. I firmly believe that appropriate chiropractic care can aid in the healing process of any chronic illness as well as maintain optimal wellbeing. Overall I am extremely pleased with the care Dr. Miller's office provides me with and am very grateful to have him as my chiropractor.


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